All Hallow’s Eve

October 31, 2006 at 3:42 pm (Movies, Special occasions)

seishi.jpgAh, Halloween. That time of year when I get to dress all in black and wear fangs and paint my lips blood red. Oh. Wait. That’s not different from any other day. Except for the fangs.

Actually, I was disappointed to realize that wearing all black to work wasn’t going to get any reactions. He of the Great Calves wore black slacks, a black button down and a black blazer to work and looked oh, so cool. I wear all black several times a week. Hmmmm….maybe on Halloween I could wear all white. Or all green. Or all orange! Ewwwe! But that would mean I’d need new clothes, because I own no white, green or orange pants OR skirts. I do have a lovely black skirt, though. Well, actually, I have 3. No 4. I think…I might be missing one.

We have made a it a tradition to have people over for a B-rated horror movie on Halloween. We all take turns passing out candy at the door and have a blast MST3K-ing the movie. The first year, before we discovered the joy of B movies, we watched the X-Files episode Home, a stand-alone episode that, for me, was entirely uncharacteristic of the X-Files, a fabulous episode and one I will never be able to watch again. Mulder and Scully investigate the murder of a malformed infant and discover a grotesquely inbreed family. Apparently it was so controversial that even Fox would not air the show a second time, although they managed to get it past censors due to brilliant lighting, timing and reveal techniques. I’m not sure what disturbed me most; the infanticide that is apparently a common thing for the family or the incest between the disfigured brothers and the quadruple amputee mother. In any case, it took two hours of comedy to cleanse my brain enough to sleep that night. (And *I’m* the one who enjoys the horror flicks!)

In searching for a movie the next year, we stumbled across the B movie genre (we are A people, you see, so we didn’t realize how enjoyable B stuff can be) and a tradition was begun. We do, however, encourage spooky costumes and foods.

I found a great source online for movie ideas called Exclamations Mark’s SciFi/Horror Review. He’s recommending ‘The Brain That Wouldn’t Die‘ this year.

Although not a Halloween movie, I think my favorite B movie so far is ‘Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.’ But my favorite B costume was my own Kudzu Zombie…


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